RTN Podcast

Date Title Summary
24-12-2020 Those that Drift Jacob Looks at backsliding, its cause, its consequences. He reads from Hebrews explaining the dangers and the solution.
06-11-2020 The great Distortion of Calvinism Jacob looks at the distorted teaching and perspective of Calvinism
26-10-2020 What is the Apostacy-JAMES JACOB PRASCH Jacob looks at the biblical and developing definition of the word apostasy and the problems it is causing in the Church relating to the rapture.
14-10-2020 What Is Midrash Midrash is the method of hermeneutics (Biblical interpretation) used by the ancient rabbis in the time of Jesus and Paul. Midrash incorporates a grammatical-historical exegesis, vaguely similar to the western models of Biblical interpretation that the Reformers borrowed from 16th century Humanism, but it sees this as simply a first step In its handling of various Biblical literary genre — such as narrative, wisdom literature, Hebrew poetry and apocalyptic — it seeks cognate relationships between different scriptural texts in order to interpret them in light of each other. Reformers came along and tried to correct what had gone wrong in medieval Roman Catholicism. Unfortunately, although the Reformers were dynamic personalities, they were not dynamic thinkers. The Reformation was born out of something called Humanism. (Note: the first Humanists were not secular, they were Christians.)
07-10-2020 This week in Prophecy Podcast 7th October 20202 Jacob looks at the growing pace of Christian persecution
21-09-2020 Prophecy Podcast September 15th2020 Jacob looks at the Brexit implications on Northern Ireland. UK Politics and the Abraham accord.
21-09-2020 This Week In Prophecy Podcast 11 Aug 2020 This Week In Prophecy Podcast 11 Aug 2020 by JACOB PRASCH
21-09-2020 Biblical Marriage And Divorce What does the bible say about marriage and divorce, have the church got it wrong?
21-09-2020 Christians And The Old Testament Law (Jacob Prasch) Christians And The Old Testament Law (Jacob Prasch) by JACOB PRASCH
21-09-2020 Dispensations And Covenants - James Jacob Prasch Jacob looks at the dispensations and covenants in the bible, are they the same, and what can we learn.