RTN TV Disclaimer

While RTN TV reserves the right to limit access to the platform to individuals, ministries, and congregations in agreement with the RTN Statement of Faith, RTN does not seek to break Christian fellowship with saved brethren not in total agreement with every aspect or point if our published Statement of Faith. RTN may, if required, edit or preclude doctrinal content by contributors that is not in harmony with our conviction as expressed in the RTN Statement of Faith.

RTN TV yearns for a sincere and scripturally based 'Unity of The Holy Spirit' , even where there may be areas of disagreement on matters of doctrine not affecting the nature God and Christ, the Supreme Authority of His Word, His Love & Righteousness, or the immutable substance of The Gospel of salvation by Grace through Faith appropriated through the finished work of Christ in His Death and Resurrection by repentance and Second Birth.

While all doctrinal issues are important, Jesus did speak of 'The Weightier Matters of the Law" and warned of 'Straining Gnats but Swallowing Camels'. Such issues as the timing if the Rapture, Pre-Millennialism, and questions as to if there are two coming battles of 'Gog' & 'Magog' instead of only one at the close of the Millennial Reign of Christ in The Book of Revelation, are indeed important matters for prayerful discussion, but not for division.

Essential issues however such as an unorthodox Christology, denials of the Eternal Tri-unity of The God Head (inclusive of the range of ancient heresies such as Modalism, Sabellianism, Adoptionism (dynamic Monarchianism) etc.) and later Socinianism, or False Pneumatology would constitute grounds for severing fellowship. Any compromise with unrepentant immorality as defined by scripture, would be another basis to sever fellowship, as would teaching any basis of dogma or doctrinal authority beyond that which is exegetically determined in scripture. False Gospels or unscriptural definitions of salvation and the means to it, would likewise render fellowship impossible. The Holy Spirit is The Spirit of Truth, not of error, and authentic unity of The Holy Spirit is impossible where fundamentally false teaching is believed, practiced, or having been compromised. We do not discount genuine brethren may honestly disagree with us on important, yet secondary matters of doctrine. Such theological differences warrant discussion in the context of brotherly unity. Abrogation of the foundational truths of the Judeo-Christian faith as presented in scripture however in the vital areas of God in Christ and His Spirit, the true Gospel message of salvation by regeneration, the canon of scripture as the only God given premise for doctrinal theology, and the immutable moral standards as established by God in His Word, are sacrosanct, The upholding of such God given tenets separates the true church as The Body of Christ, from the apostate harlot church of antichrist, and separate the true Israel of God from the tragically backslidden apostate Israel denying her own Messiah.

While there is value in studying Inter-Testamental Apocryphal literature and early Christian documents and histories, for purposes of helping understand scripture, there is no New Testament Patristic Authority from the Church Fathers establishing doctrine; there is only Apostolic Authority. Likewise, while there may be value in studying ancient Hebraic writings, there is no rabbinic or Talmudic authority for establishing doctrine; only the authority of Moses & The Hebrew Prophets as the divinely inspired authors of The Hebrew Canon.

Most of what is called "Christianity" is in fact 'Christendom" predicated on Patristic, Papal, Reformed, or Higher Critical vehicles to usurpation and oft negation of Holy Writ. Most of what is called "Judaism" is in fact 'Rabbinism' predicated on Talmudic, Cabbalistic, Halakik, and Higher Critical vehicles to the usurpation of the Tenak (Old Testament). We do not view Institutional Post Nicene Christianity nor Post Yavne Institutional Judaism as having spiritual, theological, or historical validity.

RTN TV subscribes only to the Judeo-Christian faith of the First Century church as taught by Jesus/Yeshua & The Apostles.